You're on your way to getting your program ready - choosing a BIN sponsor, brand, and processor - and your investors are squarely behind you, with your team ready to go to the ends of the earth to be successful. Maybe you've got solid backing for a killer new platform and want to monetize it, or perhaps you are a well established loan service provider looking to expand.

It's time to launch your first physical card program alongside your digital card app -- but how?

FinTechCard can guide you swiftly through the entire manufacturing and daily fulfillment process to ensure you are making the smartest, most cost effective, and on time decisions to get your cards to market. Let us help you start your journey quicker to become the next FinTech unicorn.


Deciphering design, material, technological, and Visa/MasterCard guidelines


Assisting clients with integrating Card Issuing Processors and Personalization Facilities


We encourage and give our clients the tools to go it alone as business and programs grow

We understand the journey from program concept & investment, to app development & user acquisition, and to card issuance & delivery. FinTechCard provides guidance for all things card related, from secure card manufacturing to all the steps necessary to mail personalized cards on a daily basis. Use our services on an as needed or long term project management basis and we can cut through all the mysteries of physical card design and construction, collateral materials, understanding quotes and proposals, setting up proper SLAs from suppliers, and daily card issuance.

Secure Card Production Guidance to Get To Market Faster