Our Goal

Our mission statement says it all -

We intently listen to and then guide and empower our clients to make the best, most cost effective, and intelligent decisions possible to launch or continue growing their secure card business.

FinTechCard offers the experience it takes to expedite getting a card program to market and making absolutely certain your company spends their money frugally and wisely by doing the following:

  • Clarifying client wants and needs with what the card industry offers

  • Explaining secure card printing techniques and personalization facility capabilities

  • Walking through collateral material requirements and how choices affect daily card package shipments

  • Acting as the client’s main point of contact with suppliers to make certain deliverables are met by cutting through and defining exactly what is expected

  • Negotiating contracts on the client’s behalf for their approval

  • Setting expectations for every step

  • Providing realistic timelines

  • Supporting our clients throughout the entire card launching process

Secure Card Production Guidance to Get To Market Faster